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Shrub pruning is a delicate task that needs to happen to preserve your shrubs, flowers and trees. Pruning is necessary if you’re wanting to make the most of your landscape and can happen any time of the year. Optimally, spring is when you want to prune shrubs in Greensboro, but our knowledgeable arborists are able to do this anytime during the four seasons. 

Pruning has many benefits including:

  • Removal of dead or dying branches from disease, insects animals and the natural effects of Mother Nature
  • Removing branch stubs
  • Removing branches that rub together causing harm
  • Improve overall appearance

When looking for a shrub pruning Greensboro NC service, there are many things to consider which is why it’s always best to call a professional. We cover the entire area surrounding Guilford County and we have the experience to not only understand how to prune shrubs, but more importantly, what you want us to do with them.

Shrub Pruning Greensboro, NC Zip Codes

We provide a Greensboro shrub pruning service for the following zip codes and area surrounding Guilford County, North Carolina.

27214, 27235, 27282, 27301, 27313, 27358, 27401, 27403, 27405, 27406, 27407, 27408, 27409, 27410, 27455.


If you’re in need of shrub pruning Greensboro, North Carolina why not speak to one of our ISA certified arborists for a 100% free consultation.


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